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Erasmus+ Incoming Staff – General Information

Since 2014, UNIOS is involved in ERASMUS+ program, by publishing the ECHE Charter application and Policy Statement and obtaining the new ECHE Charter: 255170-LA-1-2014-1-HR-E4AKA1-ECHE.

Some general information:

International Staff Week 2018

4th International Staff Week at the University of Osijek will be held 10-16  June 2018.

Registration can be done at the IMotion portal, where you can also find all the relevant information:


How to reach Osijek

By plane: The main Croatian airport is located in Zagreb and it is well connected  with many European destinations. Osijek, however, has a local airport, which offers some international flights.
More information about timetables and destinations is available on the official site of Croatia Airlines and the Pleso Airport (, as well as on the web page of the Osijek Airport (

By train: Croatia has direct railway links with many European countries and cities. Information about Croatian railways and connections to the Osijek Central Train Station can be obtained at (

By bus: Regular international bus lines connect Osijek with all neighboring countries and with Austria, France, Italy, Germany and Slovakia. For information about national and international bus lines please check the site of Central Bus Station in Zagreb ( and the site of Bus Station in Osijek (    

The easiest way to reach Osijek from abroad is to fly to Zagreb (Pleso Airport) and to take a bus from the Main Bus Station Zagreb to Osijek. Buses are scheduled within every 2 hours and the ride to Osijek lasts 4 hours. One-way ticket is app. 15 EUR.

Some suggestions for hotel accommodation in Osijek:
Hotel Osijek ****
Šamačka 4, Osijek
Single room (bed & breakfast): 80 € (university discount included)

Depadansa Hotela Waldinger ***
Županijska 8, Osijek
Single room (bed & breakfast): *40 €

Sobe Lišnić ***
J. J. Strossmayera 11, Osijek
Single room (bed & breakfast) *40 €

Guesthouse Maksimilian ***
Franjevačka 12, Osijek
Single room (bed & breakfast) *30 €

Hotel Central **
Trg Ante Starčevića 6, Osijek
Single room (bed & breakfast) *35 €

*prices for accommodation are just informational and may be different at the time of booking

Map of Osijek

For more information please contact UNIOS International Relations Office:
tel: 00385 31 224 125
fax: 00385 31 224 126

Kontakt podaci

SVEUČILIŠTE JOSIPA JURJA STROSSMAYERA U OSIJEKU Trg Svetog Trojstva 3 31000 Osijek Republika Hrvatska

Telefon: +385 31 224 102

Fax: +385 31 207 015


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